A Question for Home Inspectors

Do Houses Talk? 

Do houses talk?  I don’t know because I don’t speak their language.  However, if any one does, I would think it might be that small group of men and women that have dedicated their lives to the study of houses.  Can a house remember when the room received the first born baby girl?  Can it tell you about the Christmas tree that looked better than all the others?  Does it remember when all the relatives came for Thanksgiving and the sewer backed up?  Like the stories of an old man or woman, does an old house have a treasure chest of tales just waiting to be told?  I think so.  It must be, because a house is more than a structure, it is part of our lives.  Imagine going to Grandma’s without thinking of her house.  I would love to hear the stories but I can’t.  I will just have to ask a home inspector, if they would tell me what they heard.


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